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    Eugenio Garribba

    Eugenio Garribba was born in Sassari (Italy) on March 21, 1970. He took the degree in Chemistry cum laude at the University of Sassari in 1995 and Ph.D. degree with a dissertation with the title “Complexes of vanadium of biological interest” under the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Micera.
    From 2004 he was Researcher and from 2016 Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Sassari.
    He was President of the Teaching Commission for the Degree in Chemistry and Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Sciences (2012-2014) and Rectoral Delegate for Orientation and Job Placement (2014-2017).
    He participated to several Italian projects and COST Chemistry Actions. He published 152 papers with reviewing (62 as the corresponding author) in the field of the metal coordination, bioinorganic and computational chemistry and more than one hundred oral or poster communications in national and international chemistry conferences. These studies were carried out in cooperation with more than 50 universities/institutions worldwide.
    His research interests concern the inorganic chemistry (in particular of vanadium), the synthesis and characterization of V complexes with potential pharmacological activity, their transformation and interaction with the bioligands ofthe organism, and the application of computational techniques (DFT and docking methods) in the investigation of molecular and electronic structure of coordination compounds and their binding to the proteins. He cooperates or hascooperated with the groups of Joao Costa Pessoa, Dieter Rehder, Debbie Crans, Vincent Pecoraro, Hiromu Sakurai, Tamas Kiss, Samiran Mitra, Rupam Dinda, Peter Buglyo, Katalin Varnagy, Elzbieta Lodyga-Chruscinska and Amitabha Datta.
    He is Referee for the most important multidisciplinary, inorganic chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry journals.
    H-index: 38; total citations: more than 3200 (Scopus).