Massimo Carraro - research


May 2013 "Transformation of natural compounds with innovative catalysts and process development with low environmental impact" granted by "Fondazione Banco di Sardegna"

July 2015 "Development of processes of chemical transformation of glycerol to obtain high added value derivatives, used in particular for cosmetic applications" funded by Matrìca S.p.A., a joint venture of Novamont S.p.A. and Versalis S.p.A.

November 2017 “Novel systems for carbon dioxide conversion to methane from renewable sources” granted by Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

December 2017 “Low environmental impact catalysed oxidations of biorefinery products” PhD scholarship granted by MIUR (Italian Ministry of education, university and research) on FSE-FESR action

Actual projects:

- PON R&I 2014-2020, ARS01_00606 “Colture autoctone mediterranee e loro valorizzazione con tecnologie avanzate di chimica verde”

- POR FESR 2014 – 2020 “Biomarmo - Da scarti di lavorazione a prodotti a elevato valore aggiunto: conglomerati di marmo per la bioedilizia”

- FSC 2014- 2020, RAS RC_ CRP_ 008 “Green Chemistry in Drug Discovery: sintesi sostenibili di nuovi inibitori di telomerasi”

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